"First of all,the space is beautiful, calming, and the treatments were relaxing and enjoyable and I could see a difference right away (my skin was not as inflamed, red, and angry looking).
And last but not least, Allison! She's amazing at what she does!
I struggle with painful acne and am extremely uncomfortable meeting people with NO makeup on! She was so loving and nurturing to someone who has struggled with acne her whole life. She truly is a gem. Absolutely Professional but I also felt as if we were long time friends. She was also very honest about my results and what to expect. I'm so glad she was straight up with telling me that it would be a process. She also was so helpful in offering products but not pushing them on you- she gave me ideas of affordable alternatives ( didn't matter still bought everything she told me to because I really believe her). Bottom line, this a great place to go to be pampered and take care of your skin and yourself." 

- Briann C.


609 N Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 149 Redondo Beach CA 90277

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